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Help the USAFA SANDHURST Team defend its championship title!

The USAFA SANDHURST team needs funding assistance up to $15,000 for travel expenses to return to West Point with the goal of clinching its remarkable third consecutive 1st place finish—a feat yet to be surpassed in our school's history. This presents a thrilling opportunity for you to contribute, as your generous contribution will indelibly link you to USAFA history, playing a pivotal role in propelling the team towards its coveted title as Sandhurst champions.

The Sandhurst competition encompasses an array of challenges designed to assess both mental acuity and physical preparedness. Our USAFA contingent consists of 21 dedicated cadets, from whom a contingent of 11 will be chosen to represent us at West Point in 2024. This select group will endeavor to uphold our legacy by clinching the upcoming championship, further solidifying our team's standing in this prestigious event.

During each competition, our team proudly dons a helmet patch bearing the name of a revered former USAFA SANDHURST Team member, Capt. Matthew Roland, from the Class of 2010. Capt. Roland, an extraordinary special tactics officer, tragically lost his life in action in Afghanistan in 2015. His exceptional valor was recognized with the award of the Silver Star, a testament to his heroic and life-saving actions amidst combat. Wearing his name on our helmets symbolizes our unwavering commitment to honor his memory and legacy, motivating us to excel in our endeavors.

Team goals:

  • One year: Take home the USMA Sandhurst Title in 2024 and the Iron Owl Military competition title, which they have won 8 times.
  • Five Year: Continue to complete at the USMA Sandhurst competition and expand to international service academy competitions.


Originating at the U.S. Military Academy (USMA) in 1967, the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition was initially conceived as an infantry-focused contest, encompassing a diverse array of 12 distinct events. These ranged from combat medicine and artillery call for fires to weapons handling and disassembly, zodiac boat operations, grenade accuracy, and more. In 2002, the USMA extended participation to all U.S. service branches and extended invitations to international partners, broadening the competition's scope.

Our USAFA's Sandhurst team was established in 2002 and has consistently participated each year since its inception. Notably, we clinched victory in the competition in both 2018 and 2022, showcasing our commitment to excellence and determination to achieve outstanding results. This legacy of success underscores our dedication to embodying the highest standards of military proficiency and teamwork.

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